Internet Safety and Financial Education for children are the new necessary courses to be added in the school curriculum given the importance of these two topics in today’s society. Children face detrimental online risks while using the internet and there is lack of proper information provided to them upon cyber security. The same scenario is with Financial Education – children barely have access to any kind of educative materials in regards to finances while they are at school. Considering the necessity of having online and financial knowledge, children should be provided with this information through their teachers in primary schools.

Adding new courses in the curriculum is supported from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kosovo; specifically through the Curriculum Framework for elementary schools. This framework gives autonomy to teachers and directors to decide upon the curriculum they want to adopt as long as they meet the set requirements by the Ministry of Education. However, there is a scarcity of human resources/expertise, lack of money and insufficient educative materials.

The topics included in the Internet Safety and Financial Education for children, require computer laboratories, or at least a projector for the lectures. The costs incurred for adding a computer laboratory can be feasible with the support of the government and donors. Thus, this paper will provide details in regards to the school curricula and the potential ways to include Internet Safety and Financial Education in the education system of Kosovo.

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