Linda Shuku


After many years of efforts Prishtina municipality for improving the waste collection, there are still many problems associated with it. Uncontrolled dumping has resulted in spread of diseases, flooding, and unpleasant smells. The lack of financial resources for improving the waste collection services is part of the problem. Considering this situation, the goal of this project was to identify and analyze the waste collection and transportation process. The city planning and service fees were identified as important aspects for ensuring a well maintained and clean environment.

The research showed that with only 63% of overall collection of the fees, the quality of the services was not able to be improved. With relatively reasonable priced services, ranging from 4-6 euros per month and the willingness of citizens to pay for better services, the joint-payment possibility (i.e. waste plus electricity bills and/or waste plus water bills) has been introduced. With the establishment of this new payment system “Pastrimi” can add to its revenues annually 2,365,064.78€ from the increased collection of fees. Whereas cost for establishing the system (administrative costs and cost of cooperation between respective companies) is estimated to be around 562,964 € annually. The improved collection scheme is expected to attract more waste collection companies to join this market, which gives to citizens more alternatives to select companies with best services, instead of having one dominant company responsible for the maintenance of the entire city.

Also, the project supports the establishment of the appropriate urban planning strategy to improve the efficiency on collection and especially transportation of household discards. Better collaboration between municipality and waste collection companies for setting up an appropriate collection points is expected to improve the control over illegal dumping.

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Bowen, Brian


AUK Honors Society


RIT/A.U.K - formerly American University in Kosovo