Kosovo opened its first Forensic Psychiatric institution in September 2014. This project addressed the difficulties KFPI is facing being a new establishment in the country which include: a) the areas of management, b) procedure of treatment and c) budget.

The main goal of this project was to identify the potential difficulties or drawbacks that KFPI and its staff are facing. This goal included the process of identifying the actors and institutions behind those problems. The project’s subsequent goal was to propose solutions to stakeholders which impact the communication process within and outside the institution for the procedure of treatment of mentally ill offenders. The project saw a survey conducted to 30 participants who were staff members of KFPI, 3 interviews with representatives within the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and KFPI and analysis of financial reports. The most important finding was that the procedure of assessment and treatment of mentally ill offenders was the main area affected by all of the aforementioned problems that the institution is facing especially by lack of professional staff and treatment materials.

As such, this project proposed the development of a new forensic psychiatry department within the UP including foreign professors, visits abroad and creation of inside facilitators with a total cost of 105,000€ per year. The lack of communication between the ministries and KFPI regarding the procedure of treatment showed the need for informative and feedback workshops with a total cost of 7,000€ per year. Finally, the project proposed the accommodation of the budget in accordance to the fundamental needs of KFPI regarding salaries and goods and services with a total cost of 337,344.40€ for a 6-month period. This cost should be divided between the MoH, MoJ or the total Government budget.

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Senior Project

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Bowen, Brian


AUK Honors Society


RIT/A.U.K - formerly American University in Kosovo