This project takes a deeper look into the problems around the health care system in Kosovo and especially in the Pediatric Department in the Regional Hospital of Mitrovica.

Main goals of this project are to describe the problems that patients and doctors face in the pediatric department of the Regional Hospital in Mitrovica and suggest means how these problems can be resolved. This project offers comparative local and international data, statistical data, and creative solutions to specific problems.

After conducting surveys with the local doctors and patients numerous approaches to solve major difficulties were suggested. Accordingly, the ways to improve the working conditions and the overall performance of the doctors in the Pediatric Clinic in the Regional Hospital in Mitrovica are:

  • Install a universal medical protocol
  • Have a mechanism which rewards and punishes doctors based on their recorded results and encourages them to work in the public sector
  • Equip the Hospital with the necessary apparatuses and medical drugs
  • Provide a genuine education to the community since early age and especially women
  • Offer learning centers for pregnant mother to increase their awareness regarding numerous issues i.e. information regarding the pregnancy and birth giving process, what should mothers do during pregnancy, their nutrition, hygiene, and the intensive care after birth
  • Encourage debate between the doctors and the community and together seek alternatives to find solutions regarding many concerning issues i.e. first aid for kids and treatment of high temperature at kids
  • Encourage doctors to specialize in common diseases among children i.e. cystic fibrosis, AIDS, chickenpox, bronchiolitis, diabetes etc.

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