Yi-Sheng Lu


Using a finer screen ruling will result in an improved final image quality in the color printing process. Studies have shown that beyond certain screen frequencies any further increase in the number of lines per inch has negligible benefit on multicolor process printing when using the half-tone printing precess. The objective of this research is to quantify the image quality of multicolor process printing by comparing the results of using several different screen rulings. The final image quality was subjectively evaluated based on the appearance of otherwise identical reproductions with the only difference being the screen ruling. The results of this research indicated that the relationship between the image quality and the screen rulings was not linear in the color printing process and the difference in image quality of reproductions made by using screen rulings of 133, 150, and 200 lines per inch was not significant.

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Imaging Science (MS)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CIAS)


Edward Granger

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Joseph Noga

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Chi Ming Tang


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