We Support Our Troops is a series of three mural sized prints in panoramic format. The images can be described as Rochester urban landscapes in which the commercial images of the billboards were replaced with images of Latin American resistance movements. The title is an appropriation of the United States pro-war slogan twisted into the support context of these movements. The prints are made in the contemporary and non-toxic printmaking technique 4 Color Inversion Intaglio-Type, developed by Master Printmaker Keith Howard. The Intaglio-Type techniques are the ones in which the photopolymer film ImagOn® is used.

A technical and historical approach is used in this written document. Included is a detailed explanation of the process with descriptions of the photographic equipment and software used for the image capture and creation of the landscapes. A step-by-step description of the 4 Color Intaglio-Type technique follows, from making the plates physically to the printing process. This technical walkthrough illustrates why this Intaglio-Type technique is the optimum fusion of the digital imagery with traditional printmaking techniques. Also, the description highlights the large format printing difficulties overcome in this research, with new possibilities yet to discover with the Akua Colors® inks.

The Latin American resistance movements referenced in this work are: The EZLN (National Zapatista Liberation Army) from Chiapas, Mexico; the APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca), from Oaxaca, Mexico; the EPB (Popular Boricua Army) or Macheteros from Puerto Rico; and the Piqueteros from Argentina. A historical overview of each of these movements is included.

Through this thesis I intend to shed light on the economic disparity between the United States and Latin American countries caused by their political relationship. To identify myself with a political movement, rather than to educate or criticize the status quo. In order to effectively make this statement, the images were carefully worked in terms of composition, color and content. These elements included in the large panoramic format are strong enough to entice the viewers to stop, look, enjoy and ultimately reflect on the meaning behind the images.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Intaglio printing--Themes, motives; Intaglio printing--Technique; Iraq War, 2003-2011--Art; War on terrorism, 2001-2009--Art; Government, Resistance to--Latin America--Pictorial works; Social movements--Latin America--Pictorial works; Rochester (N.Y.)--Pictorial works

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Fine Arts Studio (MFA)


Keith Howard

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Luvon Sheppard

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Carlos Caballero-Perez


Physical copy available from RIT's Wallace Library at NE1625 .O43 2009


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