This project addresses the need on improving performance in budget planning through Zero Based Budgeting and its implementation in Public Sector. Project will focus on Kosovo Correctional Service and will expand through its comparison with other local and central budgeting organizations within Kosovo and therein other countries of EU, USA.

The project starts with the fact that there is an ongoing problem with budget planning in KCS / MOJ and furthermore the research will be expanded through auditing reports, budget planning, implementation problems and its tights with strategic planning. In addition, this project will address through ZBB a role model to improve budget performance and accountability of well-functioning departmental budgeting, which is crucial for final budget presentation.

Moreover, it will present similar international practicing of Zero Based Budgeting, identify similarities and differences between research departments, and present a set of recommendations to improve the current experience in departmental budgeting, accountability in performance, governance, capacity, reporting and its effectiveness.

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Senior Project

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Professional Studies (MS)

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Professional Studies (CMS)


Donika Demiri

ZBB Presentation B H Summer 2014-15.ppt (1049 kB)
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American University in Kosovo