Jon Rees


“I turn to light, the giver of all presences: by will; by law. You can say the light, the giver of all presences, is the maker of a material, and the material was made to cast a shadow, and the shadow belongs to the light.” (Vassella 26)

This body of work is strongly influenced by the light and shadow writings of Louis Kahn. The work explores the way that forms constructed of float glass and steel influence light and shadow and by extension, the surrounding space. The forms of these sculptures are inspired by buildings and architectural philosophies that I find personally relevant and significant. The aesthetics and philosophies behind these architectural projects and movements are interpreted in a minimalist way, resulting in sculpture that explores form, space, and light.

The work draws heavily from the aesthetics of Constructivism, an important movement in both art and architecture that led to the Deconstructivist and Minimalist modern movements. The use of float glass and steel, industrial materials associated with both modern Minimalist architecture and Constructivism feeds into the conceptual content of the work at a material level.

A series of “blue prints” accompanies the sculptures, acting as a guide to understanding the importance of light and shadow to the work. This mirrors the intent of architectural blueprints, which are tools for the contractor to understand how to build a structure.

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Glass sculpture--Themes, motives; Glass sculpture--Technique; Architecture in art

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Glass (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


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