Lei Hong


This thesis introduces a unique childcare product named Baby Bidet for babies and young couples. Most infants defecate four to six times and urinate ten times daily. The most commonly used product to contain these substances is a diaper. The problem is that diapers spreads feces across a baby’s bottom and thus frequently cause diaper rash. When parents clean the feces from their babies’ bottom, many of them feel disturbed.

This project, in part through market research, has gathered a lot of information about diapers, diaper rash, baby wipes, the process of changing diapers, and so on. Moreover, in order to find valid solutions, the designer visited some users, changed diapers and cleaned a baby’s bottom personally. After brainstorming and doing many sketches, the designer chose the most natural way – running water to clean a baby’s bottom. The designer also did some research about the related product, the baby bathtub and flowerpot. In addition, making some mock-ups was necessary for considering more details including the issues encountered in the process of design. Eventually, Baby Bidet was born.

Baby Bidet will help ensure that young couples feel more ease in washing their baby’s dirty bottom every changing time, and the baby will feel more comfortable and will remain free of diaper rash. In addition to these advantages, Baby Bidet can be used as a baby bathtub at the same time and eventually be recycled as a flowerpot.

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Bidets--Design and construction; Infants--Health and hygiene; Infants--Care

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Industrial Design (MFA)


Josh Owen

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Mindy Magyar

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Stan Rickel


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