The use of pool boiling for heat transfer cooling has been widely researched and implemented. A number of different modes of enhancement currently exist that improve the heat transfer properties of a boiling surface. Electrochemical deposition is a simple method that can be used to alter the chemical and geometrical composition of a surface, these alterations can be used to enhance the surface’s heat transfer properties with relative ease. It also provides the ability to deposit coatings onto a substrate that may be of different composition and morphology. This study sought to develop a simple electrochemical deposition process for depositing graphite/graphene composites onto a copper (Cu) substrate. Copper chips were machined in-house and used as the working electrode in the electrochemical deposition. The deposited chips were studied to determine the effects that the deposition had on the surface’s boiling heat transfer properties. Different electrochemical bath solutions, current densities, and deposition times were studied. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images, Raman spectra, and contact angle measurements were collected to help characterize the enhanced surfaces. These surfaces were subjected to pool boiling under atmospheric conditions using distilled water as a working fluid. Chips were mounted into the pool boiling experimental set-up and were heated at 5 V increments until critical heat flux (CHF) was reached. The temperature at three points along the heated surface was recorded as well as the power input. Heat flux (q″), heat transfer coefficient (h), wall superheat (ΔTsat), and CHF enhancement were calculated. A maximum critical heat flux enhancement factor of 1.96 was observed. The largest heat transfer coefficient enhancement factor was 2.95.

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Heat sinks (Electronics); Heat exchangers--Fluid dynamics; Ebullition; Microfluidics; Electrocatalysis

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Mechanical Engineering (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


Satish G. Kandlikar

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Robert J. Stevens

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Steven W. Day


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