I am interested in developing ceramic sculpture that explores the dynamics of group behavior and how the perception of an individual drastically changes if there are a thousand versus one. Thematically, I am equally interested in exploring how and why people come together. Another topic I will investigate is how the environment affects their interaction. Finally, I will consider the affect on an individual when encountering a large mass of individuals.

I will establish a visual vocabulary of ceramic forms to abstractly represent individuals in the groups. These sculptures will range in size but will mostly be on a small, intimate scale. Each object will be subtly unique, slowly building in number to produce a form or presence vastly different than the individual unit. The surface treatment and overall structure formed by grouping the objects will relate the feelings and emotions associated with and inspired by an individual’s experience in a crowd. Through creating several different compositions, I will investigate methods of representing instances of individuals congregating. One such approach may include relating the experience of an individual as a member of a group and another with the individual as an outsider. Another scenario I will consider is the different reactions of individuals to crowds; one person finds crowds overwhelming while another is energized by their presence. Through these explorations I will convey the different affects of a group on an individual.

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Ceramic sculpture--Themes, motives; Ceramic sculpture--Technique; Crowds in art

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Ceramics (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Richard Hirsch

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Richard Tannen

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Jane Shellenbarger


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