"Within" is my investigation into the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. I explore the mystery of the inner hidden spaces, both physical and metaphorical. I draw inspiration from organic forms, particularly the body and transitions from outer surfaces to internal spaces. My sculpture is not intended to be a literal representation of the body or other natural forms but instead remains abstract and ambiguous. Outer surfaces curl and fold to become inside spaces; openings reveal hidden structure within.

The sculptures constructed for the thesis exhibition are hand built utilizing primarily coil construction. Each piece was constructed with a particular gesture, concept, or idea as a starting point. For example, one piece began with the idea, "it will curl around and pierce itself," another with the concept, "inner lobes poke through outer openings." As the construction process unfolds, decisions regarding the direction of the form are made according to the guiding concept for that piece as well as my intuition.

Ten pieces were displayed on four foot tall pedestals. The sizes of the pieces range from approximately 12"x12"x12" to 36"x 36"x36." This scale as well as the height of the pedestals was designed to encourage the viewer to engage intimately with each piece. The height of the pedestals make the pieces viewable at about chest height inviting viewers to lean in and examine the inner spaces more closely. Pedestals were arranged away from the wall to allow all sides of the work to be engaged.

Both the sculptures and the pedestals employ a neutral grey color palette. Grey was chosen to promote the contemplative nature of the body of work. Grey also removes much of the potential for specific references that other colors tend to invoke thus allowing the viewer to focus on the form alone.

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Ceramic sculpture--Themes, motives; Ceramic sculpture--Technique

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Ceramics (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Richard Hirsch

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Richard Tannen

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Tybre Newcomer


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