Because low-level marijuana possession is not illegal in New York State, the police have difficulty intervening and eliminating the open-air marijuana markets in the City of Rochester. Project HOPE, a non-profit organization, is trying to find another way to intervene in the Conkey and Clifford neighborhood, and bring to an end the open-air marijuana market in that neighborhood. The object of this research is to identify the problems that are caused by the open- air marijuana market in the Conkey and Clifford neighborhood. I will also examine the process of project HOPE's new initiative that addresses the issues of the open-air marijuana market in the Conkey and Clifford neighborhood.

To conduct this study I used multiple methods to examine the context of the Conkey and Clifford neighborhood and its response. These efforts included a dashboard camera used to gauge the overall outdoor in the neighborhood. Surveys of residents captured perceptions of their neighborhood its residents and activities in a park on Conkey and Clifford. Additionally, I examined official police data in the form of calls for service in the area the number of marijuana arrests. These data sources yielded comparisons to other areas in Rochester that did not have persistent open air marijuana markets and allowed for an exploration of the consequences that resulted from its presence.

Project HOPE is coordinating an initiative that is targeted at resolving the issues associated with the open-air market, as well as rebuilding the Conkey and Clifford neighborhood. I conducted interviews with the key participants of the project throughout my research and participated in meetings, outreach, and focus groups organized by project HOPE. This portion of the research was conducted to examine the strategic development of the initiative and suggest ideas for its future evaluation.

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Drug traffic--Prevention--Research--New York (State)--Rochester; Neighborhoods--New York (State)--Rochester--Case studies; City dwellers--New York (State)--Rochester--Attitudes

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