Wenyu Ouyang


Today, some younger people are suffering from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, leukemia, and depressive disorder, which are some of the most significant concerns in the world. In spite of advancements made by modern science and technology, some chronic illnesses still last a lifetime, such as Type 1 Diabetes, known as T1D. In this situation, positive attitudes and correct understanding of the disease is extremely important in educating children how to manage their condition.

There are some excellent educational materials with a large quantity of text, which are good for parents to read. At the same time, there are picture books designed for children aged two to eight. However, the information in these books is too simple for teenagers. As for interactive apps about diabetes, some of them are directed toward medical professionals and students, but are too difficult and detailed for children to understand. What's more, the design of such apps is too serious and formal for children. Motion graphics is a new dynamic and appealling format to transfer information, using moving graphics and sound. The information becomes easier to understand. However, few themes of motion graphics talk about diabetes, let alone focus on helping young people can cope with negative feels about this illness.

This thesis project is a two and a half minute motion graphic telling a story about Max, a teenager coping with Type 1 Diabetes. The integration of visually interesting and dynamic motion graphics, sound, and storytelling are much more appealing to teenagers than just words on a page. In Max's story explains strategies he employs to cope with his blood sugar issues and have a positive attitude. This motion project utilizes the principles of design, animiation and information graphics. Overall, the project provides a trial to combine educational information and motion graphics using a teenage-friendly way to communicate life-changing information.

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Computer animation--Technique; Diabetes in adolescence--Interactive multimedia--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CIAS)


Nancy Ciolek

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Bruce Ian Meader

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Lorrie Frear


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