This paper describes ColorPalette, a knowledge-based system to advise users in selecting colors for a palette used for computer screen design applications. Color selections and advice are based on principles of human computer interface design and color theory, gathered through both research and knowledge acquisition from a human expert. The user may put together various color combinations to form acceptable and successful palettes. The system consists of a color data-base of facts formulated from an HSV color model, a knowledge base that can reason about these colors and their relations to each other, and a set of rules based on the interface design and color theory research. Colors may be added to and removed from the palette as desired, as long as they meet the criteria of the knowledge-based system. The system may be called on to propose a sample palette with desired characteristics, or may be asked to suggest a color that is recommended to go with the current palette. An explanation facility is available to explain the system's decisions to allow or restrict the adding of colors, and to explain why a certain color has been suggested.

ColorPalette is written in Prolog, taking advantage of Prolog's structural foundations, logic programming support, database management capabilities, and natural format for rule-based systems. ColorPalette has a simple command-line interface, with potential extensions to be able to support graphical selection of colors. It is implemented on an Apple Macintosh, and with such extensions would be able to take advantage of Color Quickdraw calls for interactive color selection and display.

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