Irene L. Lobo


This thesis reports the results of an investigation into the quality of an image produced by a laser printer. The laser printer used was the Kodak Ektaprint Electronic Publishing System, 300 dots per inch, resolution. It was found that certain aspects of the image quality vary with the paper substrate. Papers used in this experiment varied in basis weights and qualities of smoothness, brightness, gloss, opacity, porosity and caliper.

The papers chosen were of three basis weights, two of each weight. six papers in all were tested.

Quantitfication and subjective judgement were used for evaluation of image quality. Image quality was evaluated based on the following criteria:

(a) Tonal reproduction/toner transfer

(b) Resolution: (i) number of lines per millimeter resolved

(ii) Line thickness in millimeters reprduced

(c) Edge Definition as defined by edge raggedness and blur

Some aspects of image quality were affected by paper variables. Basis weight alone does not affect image quality. However, factors such as smoothness, porosity and caliper had a significant, although subtle effect on tonal reproduction.

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Laser printing; Nonimpact printers--Evaluation; Paper--Printing properties; Nonimpact printing

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