O-type body-fitted coordinate systems are numerically generated about NACA0012 and NACA4412 airfoils. These coordinate systems are used to effect a coordinate transformation from the physical plane to a rectangular transformed plane. The software developed also has a coordinate contraction capability. Plots of uncontracted and contracted coordinate systems are presented.

The nonconservative, velocity-pressure formulation of the two-dimensional, steady-state Euler equations are transformed to the rectangular plane. The boundary conditions at the airfoil are determined by the source-panel method, following which, the explicit finite difference form of the transformed Euler equations are solved using a space-marching scheme. Non-lifting potential flow solutions are obtained for the aforementioned airfoils at 0 and ±16 angles of attack. Pressure and velocity distribution plots are presented for all cases.

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Aerofoils--Aerodynamics; Aerofoils--Aerodynamics--Data processing; Aerodynamics--Data processing

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Mechanical Engineering (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


Amitabha Ghosh

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P. Venkataraman


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