JungYun Lee


People tend to throw away a shoe rather than repair it for further use. This means more and more shoes are thrown away, and since a shoe is made out of many kinds of materials that are all glued or stitched together, it is difficult to recycle or reuse the shoe. Additionally, there is a symbolic relation between the land and shoe; a shoe is the product that connects people to the ground. It is ironic that a shoe, which provides the connection, has a negative effect on the land. If we wear a shoe longer, we can reduce the number of discarded shoes and have a positive effect on the environment. I want to design a sustainable shoe by making it last longer and making it recyclable with replaceable parts, so users can simply change a part when it wears out or when they want to try a different style and function. It can be made with an industrial quality material. At the end of their serviceable life, shoes can be easily recycled or reused. The shoes can be used to make other shoes and other products.

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Shoes--Design; Sustainable design

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CIAS)


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Alan Redding

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Nancy Chwiecko


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