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This thesis is a case study to illustrate the importance of a products packaging related to the customers and consumers overall product experience. A company launched a new contact lens product in Europe a year after the product was introduced ... in North America. The lens was manufactured using the company's low-cost, daily disposable lens platform to enable a 10 to 20% cost benefit over the competition. However the new lens was not as well received in Europe as it was in the United States. To identify potential impacts to market acceptance, a third party marketing research firm conducted focus group and phone surveys of practitioners and consumers. The results indicated that a packaging revision was required because the counter-intuitive nature of the package opening method detracted from the customers/consumers overall product experience This thesis reviews the role of contact lens packaging, and how packaging revision can enhance the product experience for the consumers. Market research verified anecdotal information that the products' packaging hindered market penetration. Implementation of the package revision recommended by the research firm resulted in numerous design iterations toward increasing the rigidity of the multi-layered aluminum lidding and protecting the cosmetic appearance of the revised lens package. A design that forms the aluminum lidstock into a rigid structure was ultimately chosen after evaluating each design against key criteria of cost, complexity, aesthetics, and the ability to maintain its shape during simulated transit testing. The cold formed design also provides a package that is more intuitive for users to open.

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