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The purpose of this thesis is to explore the relationship between society and its depiction as art. The research will require a look into my own personal everyday life and that of my family and close friends. It will further deal with the emotional connection that is created between the viewer and the image. In art it is not only the subject matter that is important, but the materials and techniques that are used. Through the research of other artists such as Chuck Close, John Singer Sargent, Meriseo Lanzanski, Charles White, Billy Andrews, Philip Pearlstein, Rodin, Egon Schiele it is my hope that it will give me an insight on how others not only deal with social issues such as ethics, women's rights, rape and other topics. More importantly, how they deal with the human figure. From the personal connections created between the viewer and subject in Close's portraits to how Egon Schiele uses line and Rodin's watercolor figures these are all areas that I plan to explore. My findings will be shown through the brush stroke or quality of line, the use of color, and how the surface ground is handled. It is my hope that the viewer will be able to build that connection and an emotional feeling when viewing my work. The same connections and feelings with many of the works created by the artists that I have researched and admire.

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Women--Violence against--Pictorial works; Human figure in art; Sculpture--Themes, motives; Sculpture--Technique; Painting--Themes, motives; Painting--Technique; Drawing--Themes, motives; Drawing--Technique

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