This thesis paper examines the work presented in my M.F.A. thesis installation Synchronicities 4:4. The paper explores the aesthetic and theoretical concepts compiled within this project, in order to reveal the mindset and motivations of the artist. Elements covered in this text include installation design, research of its conceptual history, and citations of various artists working in similar methods to achieve equivalent creative goals. This thesis project uses the mediums of sound and video to elucidate a greater understanding of the realms of human awareness, particularly in relation to the mystical characteristics of invisible sensory information. This thesis describes theories of synchronicity by investigating themes of psychic perception, spiritual communication, sensory awareness and anomalies including cross-sensory experiences, hallucinations, and enhanced insight related to a deepened focus of concentration. These topics are depicted and fused as various aspects of the experience of synchronicity, or subjectively meaningful coincidences. This installation seeks to create synchronicities within its visual and audio structure as an indication of the phenomenon of synchronicity in the world at large. As an artist I have always been drawn to experiences that can be categorized as paranormal. I have spent years researching, opening my mind to new possibilities, and creating artwork that deals with the perception of reality and the existence of unseen realms. While at one time I may have considered these concepts fictitious, I have now come to regard them as truths within the fabric of existence. This thesis project is an appropriate culmination and reflection of my personal art history.

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Coincidence--Psychic aspects--Pictorial works; Parapsychology and art; Video art--Themes, motives; Video art--Technique; Sound in art

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Imaging Arts (MFA)


Myra Greene

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Willie Osterman

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Nancy Ghertner


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