Yun-Ju Peng


My project is a personal travel experience website as well as a traveling aid for those who are interested in southern Spain, including Cordoba, Seville and Granada. To differentiate it from the traditional media, I've created an online travel book with many movies, flamenco guitar music, attractive Spain photos and other interesting features for users to enjoy. With user-friendly interface and appealing parts, my thesis enables users to experience how and what southern Spain looks like. The users can not only flip the pages, jump to a specific page directly by clicking the part they want, they can also play with other interactivities I've provided in this book. I've used editorial design principles to design this southern Spain travel book. Good editorial design has to interact harmoniously with photography, illustration, typography and layout design. In my thesis project, these are integrated well to make the whole travel book not only pictorial but with much useful information to fit both pictorial and textual users.

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Interactive multimedia--Design; Web sites--Design; Spain, Souther--Guidebooks--Software; Spain, Southern--Description and travel--Software

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School of Design (CIAS)


Jim Ver Hague

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Chris Jackson

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Adam Smith


Physical copy available from RIT's Wallace Library at QA76.76.I59 P46 2005


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