The objective of this work was to investigate the environmental conditions or patterns that impact cities and urban landscapes and to identify the reasonable buffers or corridors that can ease these impacts, primarily between industrial and residential areas. The hypothesis is that urban cities do face environmental impacts from various sources, a primary source being industrial practices, and that the implementation of corridors or buffers will minimize these impacts and possibly improve the environmental and socioeconomic conditions of the surrounding residential areas and the cities as a whole. The research included defining the structure of urban areas, investigating environmental impacts that affect urban areas, investigating various corridor or buffer options, and determining how the findings relate to a case study. The city of Mansfield, Ohio was used as a case study to test the hypothesis and research. The following results were established: 1) the city of Mansfield follows the structure or pattern of typical urban cities; 2) the city of Mansfield is experiencing economic instability and population shifts; 3) the city of Mansfield faces a small number of environmental issues that pose major risks; and 4) industrial practices do not significantly impact adjacent residential zones. It has been concluded that the implementation of urban corridors or buffers are not feasible for the city of Mansfield as a whole because there is little risk of environmental impacts affecting residential and non-residential areas alike. However, some locations may need to consider solutions for noise impacts on neighboring areas. The implementation of corridors or buffers in other urban locations will have to be discussed and planned by key stakeholders to determine their viability.

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Urban ecology (Sociology); Corridors (Ecology); Land use, Urban; Zoning

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Environmental, Health and Safety Management (MS)

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Civil Engineering Technology Environmental Management and Safety (CAST)


Maureen Valentine

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John Morelli

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Jennifer L. Schneider


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