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My project is an educational multi-media tool and is related to the religion: Christianity. It was made for the purpose of learning and teaching Exodus: One of the most important books in the Old Testament. As a Bible teacher, I have looked for many ways to teach the Bible effectively for more than ten years. I used to teach the Bible with some visual materials like videos, charts, maps, and sometimes I even created my own supplements because there was no way to find any appropriate visual material which showed customs and culture in the biblical time. When I used these visual aids, students could understand what I would like to teach much more than when I taught with just the Bible. Additionally, I found that I could teach much better than without any visual material.

Studying computer graphics, I became to realize there must be a good way to use computer graphics to visualize the Bible effectively, and I studied some programs that were helpful in making the interactive multimedia Bible. I was sure that once a multimedia Bible is available on the web, it was going to be much easier to access than any mediums like video, books, or transparent film. This visual medium will make learning the Bible much more efficient and effective in many areas. This project was made because of these beneficial reasons.

I can say with confidence that this will be a very useful Bible learning tool and a teaching tool for Christians: especially seminary students, theologians, pastors, missionaries in both the Protestant Church and in the Catholic Church.

They will be able to find a better way to be closer to the "Word of God" while they view the movies, animations, charts and maps in my project. And they will realize the Bible is the most precious gift from God, full of amazing miracles and the undeniable truth.

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Bible--Study and teaching; Bible--Exodus; Interactive multimedia; Teaching--Aids and devices; Computer graphics

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