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Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for mobile applications present a unique design challenge. These "small format" displays can be found primarily in cell phones and PDAs which are devices that have particularly stringent power requirements. At the same time, the displays are increasing in resolution with every generation. This is creating demand for new LCD display technologies. The predominant amorphous thin film transistor technology is no longer feasible in the new high resolution small format screens due to the fact that the displays require too many connections to the driver and the aperture ratios do not allow high density displays.

New technologies such as low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) displays continue to shrink in size and increase in resolution. LTPS technology enables the display manufacturer to create relatively high quality transistors on the glass. This allows for a display architecture which integrates the gate driver on the glass. Newer LTPS LCDs also enable a high level of multiplexing the sources lines on the glass which allows for a much simpler connection to the display driver chip.

The electronic drivers for these display applications must adhere to strict power and area budgets. This work describes a low-power, area efficient, scalable, digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) integrated circuit architecture optimized for driving small format LCDs. The display driver is based on a twelve channel, 9-bit DAC driver. This architecture, suitable for % VGA resolution displays, exhibited a 2 MSPS conversion rate, less than 300 pW power dissipation per channel using a 5 V supply, and a die area of 0.042 mm per DAC. A new performance standard is set for DAC display drivers in joules per bit areal density.

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Digital-to-analog converters--Design and construction; Liquid crystal displays; Low voltage systems--Design and construction

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


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