In search of delicious

Ariya Martin

Physical copy available from RIT's Wallace Library at N6494.I56 M378 2005


What is art? What is good art? Who are considered Artists, and why? Most important, can the very process by which we go through every day in our lives lead to an acceptable form of art-making? Furthermore, can life, my life, be put into a visual format to be viewed from outside of my life?

Over the last two years I have been working with words as images, with a concept of installation as dialogue between the space, the artist, and the viewer. In my recently completed thesis show the work dealt with both the challenge of "writing a picture", and about asking questions: questions about Art, about myself as a creator of things, about my aesthetics and about life itself.

Of course, one never knows if they are asking the right questions, they can only have faith that their own concerns and struggles have applications with which other people can identify.