The psychological/social impact of cochlear implants

Bonnie M. Bell

Physical copy available from RIT's Wallace Library at RF305 .B45 2005


As technology keeps advancing, more and more young deaf children will be given a cochlear implant. Yet, how will this decision influence their future lives? This research project focused on the perceptions that cochlear implant users, deaf professors, and future teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing have of the cochlear implant, for their reactions or opinions could influence the user's potential benefit from the device. Its purpose was to provide some insights into what perceptions future generations of cochlear implant users may encounter through the use of questionnaires that consist of demographic and open-ended questions. One of the major findings was that less than 1% of Non-CI users perceived the cochlear implant to be a threat to Deaf culture, while over half of all the respondents considered it to be a tool with which to gain wider opportunity. An additional finding was that deaf people were not seeking out and being given the device to be "normal" Finally, responses from the deaf and hearing communities indicated that there was strong support for CI candidates.