This capstone project addressed the issue of regulation of the verification procedures for diplomas and other documents issued by the Private Providers of Higher Education (PPHEs)[1] in Kosovo. This verification procedure has created a problematic situation. Firstly, in the legal aspect, it violates the applicable 2011 Law on Higher Education[2] which states the principles that “all institutions of higher education are equal before the Law”. “All students and personnel of the institutions of higher education should have equal opportunities without any discrimination”. Secondly, since the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) evaluates and accredits both public and private institutions of higher education, it guarantees and ensures that all institutions of higher education in Kosovo and their programs meet the quality standards internationally recognized. Thus there should not be a verification procedure only for students from PPHEs.

In this project qualitative and quantitative research methods have been used. It started with archival materials being collected from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), KAA, PPHEs, and the University of Prishtina. Four forms of questionnaires were designed and used for: a) students and graduates, b) officials of the PPHEs, and c) experts of Higher Education and MEST officials and d) experts of higher education in the SEE countries. Interviews with experts of higher education were also conducted.

[1] Private Providers of Higher Education refer to the private colleges or private higher schools, i.e. institutions of higher eduction.

[2] Law on Higher Education No 04/L-037, Article 2 Principles, item 1 Provision of Higher Education in the Republic of Kosovo is based on the following principles, 1.2 “Equality before the Law of all Bearers of Higher Education”,

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