Oliver Kikic


A visual cryptography scheme (VCS), as proposed by M. Naor and A. Shamir, encodes a secret image into n different shares. The scheme ensures that only certain designated combinations of shares can recover the original image, while other combinations yield, in probabilistic sense, no information about the secret image. In this thesis, we show that there exist simultaneous visual cryptography schemes (SVCS), i.e. cryptographic schemes that allow for multiple secret images to be encoded across a set of n shares. The essential part of this research is to derive a set of formal definitions used to construct a valid SVCS and to design and examine different approaches for establishing valid SVCS constructions. In particular, we describe an SVCS that allows encoding n 1 distinct secret images across a set of n shares, and include a program that demonstrates the successful use of this SVCS in the appendix.

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Data encryption (Computer science); Cryptography--Data processing; Image processing--Digital techniques

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Computer Science (MS)

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Christopher Homan

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Stainslaw Radziszowski

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Edith Hemaspaandra


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