Digital Asset Management (DAM) has become a necessary concern with the growing number of files used in the graphics industry. Organization, storage, filing, and dynamic distribution of electronic mediums is becoming increasingly more important. The ROI for DAM systems comes from time savings, expanding product offerings via the web, and organization. For testing purposes, the greeting card industry was chosen because of its need for various images across several platforms. The research started by selecting several companies in the greeting card industry to analyze their competence with DAM. From these companies, four were selected and categorized according to size and their level of transition with a DAM initiative. Two small companies and two large companies were chosen on the basis of their financial strength, as well as their employee count. One small company and one large company were selected because their DAM initiative was more advanced than were the other two companies'

From this information, a grid showing those large and small companies with their varying degrees of success with a DAM implementation was developed. Next, structured interviews were administered to determine the levels of success with DAM, as well as to investigate and to characterize cultural traits inherent in each organization. Data was compiled from the interviews and analyzed to determine any links between corporate culture and DAM success in both large and small greeting card organizations. The objective of the research is to determine traits inherent in both small and large companies that contribute to successful DAM implementation.

In conclusion, communication across various business units and silos within the company was very important. Also, early technology adopters had greater success than those waiting to follow marketplace trends. Specific reuse trends were found to be relevant in successfully implementing DAM. Finally, organizational structures with hierarchy in administrative areas while remaining fluid in technology sectors had greater success with DAM initiatives.

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