Aviraj Sehmi


There lies a big distinction between gaming and films in terms of interactivity, however the gap is being bridged with experimental pieces. The advances have been made on the gaming side with stories being incorporated into games through the usage of video clips. The web, due to its vastness of interactivity, has also begun to use video in experimental ways.

My thesis will apply the interactive principles of gaming to digital video to create a unique user experience, where the users choose various perspectives to investigate through the film. The user will have to watch most of the perspectives to understand the story. With research into DVD authoring, I also intend to have the DVD randomly making choices to create a linear format of the movie. This ensures that the user sees the same movie but through different perspectives and paths every time they watch the movie.

When someone buys a DVD they tend to watch it several times. If there are a variety of options for viewing provided for them, they will spend more time with the DVD and get a different experience of the story upon every watch. This makes the entertainment value of the product higher thus increasing its marketing potential.

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Interactive videos--Technique; Plot-your-own stories; Narration (Rhetoric)

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