Wireless networks have become more important in today's world of hassle free communication. These networks have been used increasingly in critical applications in the medical field and in the army. The ability to remotely reprogram the devices has been especially important if a user did not have easy access to the device. Reprogramming required the ability to route the packet properly as well as reduce packet loss to a minimum. Such protocols would be used with critical applications and would need to be tested in an environment as close to the real one as possible. This thesis consisted of the creation of a wireless emulation platform on which a transport protocol Pump Slowly Fetch Quickly (PSFQ) would be tested and evaluated. A routing protocol, Ad-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV), enhanced with the Skipjack cryptographic algorithm was used to test the emulator and ensure that the emulator could emulate the mobility of nodes virtually. This was to make sure that the emulator allowed real tests to be carried out in real time. The PSFQ transport protocol enhanced with AODV was tested with the emulator to observe the effect of using a real wireless device and movement emulation on the protocol performance. The results showed that PSFQ was very stable even with a high degree of emulated movement as well as high link error rate. The results also revealed that even though the emulator did not emulate all the aspects of a mobile wireless medium, the ability to use a real wireless device provided additional constraints that needed to be taken into consideration to attain the targeted end-to-end packet error rate.

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Wireless communication systems--Computer simulation; Emulators (Computer programs)--Evaluation

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Computer Engineering (MS)

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Computer Engineering (KGCOE)


Fei Hu

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Shanchieh Yang

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James Minseok Kwon


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