Hagju Lee


Where are you from? We as Individuals come from our native countries and we learn our own languages, cultures, and traditions while we grow up. Therefore, we are endowed with our own traditions and cultures in our souls. I am from Korea, the land of morning calm. I have special pride in my culture. Its history is over 5,000 years old. My country has a great number of cultural assets, even though some of them were destroyed during wars. The cultural value of Korea has received much recognition from countries all over the world. Nevertheless, some people don't understand the true cultural value of Korea, and that inspired me to inform the world of Korean culture and traditions.

"Just as a tree growing in a certain soil puts down deep roots and drinks its juices, so a person from the moment of his birth until he departs from this life is deeply and in every respect rooted in the system of his culture and nourished by the spirit of his own people, their customs and morals, their sensory, emotional, intellectual and speech system of their culture. A person is also nourished by the specific type of natural landscape in which he lives and the memory of the people, its symbols and specific genetics. And if by force of circumstances a person is uprooted from the soil of his own culture and all its unique integrity, this is always a painful experience which may result in agonizing forms of nostalgia. Such experience has been vividly and fully reflected in literature and music, particularly by those artists who felt such pangs themselves. The innate relationship with the native culture can be traced even to certain genetic mechanisms, which carry a powerful life-long program, which is not only racial, national, but also family and even individual."

Artists reveal their immanent consciousness through the imaging process whether they intend it or not. Their works are based upon the lives they have lived. What artists hear, observe, and feel from their birth is piled out of awareness and is reproduced by their hands. Accordingly, artists work based on the culture they have experienced and create new works in it. In the process, they also do a critical role to spread their culture to the world.

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Glass sculpture--Themes, motives; Glass sculpture--Technique; Aesthetics, Korean; Korea--In art

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