The purpose of this thesis is to broaden my thoughts on human existence and identity in nature and the universe. It is also to explore the varied visual expressions of my thoughts, feelings, and ways to engage the audiences. ... I tried to experiment with various possible visualizations of my thoughts and feelings through four different installations. Video and installation 1 is about the existence of human beings. In Installation 1, I limited my personal visual images, and instead used language to convey my thoughts. Installation 2 is about the relationship between human beings and nature, and is expressed through personal images about this issue using mixed media. Installation 3 is about the existence of human beings on a historical time line incorporating printed images on wooden balls..

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Installations (Art)--Themes, motives; Video installations (Art); Video art; Self-consciousness (Awareness); Ontology; Meaning (Philosophy)

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Thomas Lightfoot

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Alan Singer

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Keith Howard


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