Aya Oki


In my thesis body of work, I propose to create glass sculpture and express the nature of glass using the sensuality that comes from my personal process and interaction with the medium. I am stimulated by my five senses, they create a sensorial experience that brings out the lifelike qualities I see in glass. These senses and experiences reveal the glass qualities: puffy, stretchy and squishy. These characteristics of glass are the focus of my thesis exploration and revealed through an intuitive approach.

For me, the sensuality of glass is revealed through an intuitive approach which is stimulated by my personal experience and environment that I have lived in. This process helps to manifest my ideas; sensuality comes forth through the act of making. My interest in glass derives from its lifelike qualities, unique properties and essential materiality. These are the qualities that appeal to me. For me, glass has a corporeal quality that is sensual and that imbues it with a relationship to the living and natural world.

As a result, my work is very organic and natural; I allow glass to respond to the gentle opposition that I apply to it. I set up a situation for the glass to respond to, and let it go. By actions such as pushing glass through created structures, I achieve a moment when the glass responds to my creativity. My intentional control of glass and its physical reaction expose a passionate sensibility. This process is an ongoing conversation I relish as I bring to light the creative force I experience through working with the material.

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Glass sculpture--Themes, motives; Glass sculpture--Technique; Sensuality in art

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Glass (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


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Robin Cass

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Andy Buck


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