The purpose of this study was to investigate student's perception of school climate in the middle school. More specifically, this study examined school climate as it relates to student's academic achievement, attendance, and disciplinary referrals. Participants consisted of 29 females and 14 males in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th and their parents from a rural middle school located in upstate New York. School climate was measured using the Student version of the Yale Child Study School Development Program, School Climate Survey-Revised Version (Emmons, Haynes, & Comer, 2002). Parents reported on their child's school performance. Data analysis consisted of a One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Pearson Product-Moment Correlations, and Stepwise Multiple Regression Analysis. Results indicated that student-teacher relations are related to academic achievement and that student interpersonal relationships affect whether students attend school. Developmentally, students at the start of middle school have a greater perception that teachers treat them fairly. As they grow older this belief decreases.

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Academic achievement--Case studies; School environment--Case studies; Students--Attitudes--Case studies; Middle school students--United States--Case studies; Learning, Psychology of--Case studies

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