Tom Morin


The primary goal of my thesis project entitled Remnants is transcendence that can lead a viewer or an audience to a new discovery within the Self. I am aware that each individual will experience transcendence in art differently. My intent is for my photography to be the conduit of transcendence, enabling the audience to take part in a discovery of the spiritual and the extraordinary. My thesis subject is erased chalkboards of varying sizes and gestures. In this series, individuals such as teachers and students are shaping the chalkboards' appearance through erasure and are unknowingly creating information and communication for my series. Thus, I am taking the recorded world of academia - mathematics, history, science, philosophy, language and art - and presenting it as the primary source for my art. I am transforming words, numbers, and signs created by anonymous people, into pictorial objects with the possibilities of spiritual dimension. The erasure marks obscure and conceal standard fixed points of orientation traditionally seen written on a chalkboard in that we are taught to read a chalkboard - like the printed page - starting at the upper left. Therefore, it is not easy to comprehend what is seen on an erased chalkboard. In my work, the viewer has to rely on his / her visual, emotional, and spiritual intuition, as well as his intellectual interpretation to fully respond to the image pictured. Further informing my thesis project are aspects of formalism, abstraction, erasure, and beauty, which are themes that I have embraced in varying degrees in previous series of work, including Airplanes.

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Photography, Artistic--Technique; Photography, Artistic--Themes, motives; Blackboards--Pictorial works; Faith in art

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Imaging Arts (MFA)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CIAS)


Theresa Mulligan

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Patricia Russotti

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Jeff Weiss


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