Tom Kotcher


For my thesis, I started out with the ambition of creating a game using Augmented Reality, but in the end created a game in Flash called Hive Five. I used multiple techniques and technologies in order to help accomplish this. By combining two-dimensional and three-dimensional assets, the player gets the best of both worlds. This also gives it the flexibility to be converted later into a mobile game since it is not hard on processing power. This game gave me a solid start with graphics and a strong programming skeleton that I can continue on with in the future. Through uses of modular code, dynamic movie clips and multi-dimensional arrays, the game has the chops to handle more than is thrown at it. The ability to run with the code is easy and allows for variations that are more complex. I chose to only include the simple flocking because bees fly in three dimensions so it wasn't necessary to show them avoiding each other as well as everything around them. Changing and adapting the game to a mobile device would not be hard as everything is so modular and simplistic, which would allow an easy transition. Even the concept is strong enough to allow it to be formatted to other forms of entertainment like a board or card game. This paper will explores my struggles with working in new technology, and adapting both new and old content to create a new experience that can be expanded outside the realm of just another computer game.

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