Nori Montero


The purpose of this project is to help improve the internal customer service for the PRECISE. IT help desk. Specifically, this report will determine the root cause, or causes, of increased trouble reports after the installation of a new Wireless application. We will define the challenges the IT managers faced regarding the ability to embrace best practices for a complex IT environment. By this we will cover problems related to process assessment, mission, training, policy and how other companies are confronting the challenges of a service centered culture and TQM methodologies. This will help in understanding how these managers must meet their internal customers' challenges and the need to use appropriate tools for problem solution, statistical graphs for follow up, and service objective tracking. By identifying these challenges, managers will be able to help their employees modify their assessment practices. New project management skills will be provided to assure the integration of the project processes, follow up, and impact assessments, testing procedures, and training and supplier negotiations. By providing these skills and knowledge to the managers, they will be in the position to appropriately meet the needs of customers, and succeed in the new era of advanced technology where customer expectations are constantly rising.

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PRECISE (Dominican Republic); Computer technical support; Customer services--Evaluation; In-house services (Business)--Evaluation; Project management

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Service Management (MS)

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Hospitality and Tourism Management (CAST)


James Jacobs

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Richard Morales


RIT – Main Campus

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