One discipline of study that has been coming up in the recent years is the study in the behavior of nonlinear systems. Most of these exhibit chaos traits and this has spurred much interest. Fractal geometries, which are as a result of chaos behavior, have been more feasible to research on, with the recent computer technology. Most of these fractal behaviors can be mapped into the sound domain. This 'sound domain' is referred to as acoustic signature. This thesis majors on a way to map out the fractals to the sound domain without much change in the parameters that define the fractal. Some of these parameters include position of the individual points on the drawing axis and the way a fractal appears in form of a color map. Due to their dependence on initial conditions sometimes they may look similar and hence a method is needed that can distinguish them. The different types of fractals are mapped in different ways. Some of these ways involve producing an audio wave (known as wav file) that is further converted to MIDI.

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Fractals--Acoustic models; Nonlinear systems--Acoustic models

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Mechanical Engineering (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering (KGCOE)


J. S. Török

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Benjamin Varela


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