Marie Yvanoff


The planar coil inductor has become a very critical circuit component in RF mixed signal application where it can reside either on the package or in the chip. However, there is no clear methodology to accurately analyze the behavior of the inductor over a broad range of frequencies and for obtaining a particular physical layout for a required value of inductance. At present, it has been done by full wave solvers, approximate quasistatic analysis, and lumped element equivalent circuits, each with its own advantages and limitations. This work presents an analytical model based on a segmentation method in conjunction with a Green's function for a power/ground plane model. This method has been used to obtain analytical closed form solution for planar coil inductors of two popular shapes, the rectangular and circular configurations. The model includes a ground plane and the coil configuration such as spacing and line width, and the material characteristic such as conductivity of the metal layer and the dielectric parameters. It is a frequency dependant solution that includes the resonant modes in the cavity formed by the inductor and the ground plane. This method has been applied successfully to rectangular and circular coil inductors of different dimensions where there is excellent agreement with full wave solvers. Inductors on a package and in a chip have been fabricated and experimental results show excellent agreement to predicted values obtained from this analytical work. Also presented in this work is a comparison of popular EM full wave solvers and two quasistatic methods, the advantages and limitations of each have been discussed. Experimental techniques to measure for RF silicon IC Inductors have been developed.

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Electric inductors; Radio frequency integrated circuits

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


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Santosh Kurinec

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Syed Islam


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