COuntywide Police Simulation System (COPS) is a model which simulates the receipt of police, fire, and emergency medical calls at a public safety communications center, with subsequent dispatch of law enforcement officers to police events. The model examines the interaction of exogenous variables, including the type of call, the frequency of calls, the number of telecommunicators on duty, the number of police cars in service, the deployment pattern of the officers, the number of cars to be dispatched, and the dispatch plan. By modifying the values that these variables can hold, the distribution of workload among police officers can be observed, response times and service times can be examined, and dispatching policies can be evaluated. Sensitivity analysis can be performed without disrupting the life-critical nature of the live operation. An interactive component permits the model to also be used as a training tool for police dispatchers. The thesis presents reasons why it is important to gain a better understanding of the delivery of police services. Major considerations in developing a model are explored, especially as they relate to the simulation of police activity. Programs which gather data on event generation times, telecommunicator service times, patrol-unit travel and service times, event waiting times, and the number of cars per call are detailed. A major portion of the thesis examines each module and entity used in the GPSS/H implementation of the simulation model. The important issue of validation is also addressed. Validation strategy, validation programs, and the construction of a "benchmark" are discussed. An evaluation of the success of the project is presented, with suggested areas for consideration and future research.

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Police communication systems--Simulation methods--Police patrol--Communication systems--Simulation methods

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