A normal phase semi-preparative scale separation of the estradiol analogs 17-<*-propenyl-3 , 17^-estradiol and 17-*-propenyl-^-estradiol-3-acetate was carried out using High Performance Dicplacement Chromatography (HPDC). Two conventional analytical (10 urn, 4.6 x 250 mm, silica) columns were utilized in series for the semi-preparative system. The displacer used was triethanol amine in chloroform, 10% v/v. A total of 169.8 milligrams of the estradiol analogs were separated and collected in their form from the column effluent. The HPDC runs were monitored using thin layer chromatography (silica TLC) . The displacement fractions were analyzed using HPLC in linear elution mode. Carrier and displacer solutions were scouted for using silica TLC. Displacement TLC was used to find the proper concentration of displacer. The migration rates of the displacer solution on the TLC plates were compared to that on the column using HPLC in the frontal mode. HPDC proved suitable for the utilization of conventional analytical HPLC instrumenta tion for a semi-preparative scale separation.

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Estradiol; Chromatographic analysis

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Chemistry (MS)

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School of Chemistry and Materials Science (COS)


L Paul Rosenburg


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