The purpose of this study was to record and analyze the benefits a company can gain by developing and implementing a Supplier Packaging Guideline. Many of the examples published online are available for evaluation, however there are no recorded results or development methodology for these. Fifty-nine industry professionals were surveyed regarding their current use of Supplier Packaging Guidelines. The following conclusions were made based on all applicable research: 1. Supplier Packaging Guidelines are in use by many companies in the United States. a. Survey shows 73 percent of the population uses this type of reference document. b. Of the documents currently released most are in the age range of 1 - 14 years. 2. The use of Supplier Packaging Guidelines is not solely dependent on the operation of Internal Packaging Departments. a. Eighty percent of companies who do not have an Internal Packaging Department use a Supplier Packaging Guideline. 3. The conducted survey shows that companies with 10 suppliers or less are more likely to not use a Supplier Packaging Guideline. 4. Most companies in the Unites Stated work with international suppliers. a. Survey shows 90 percent use at least one International Supplier. b. China is the most frequently used International Supplier. 5. Majority of companies that have international suppliers use Supplier Packaging Guidelines. a. Survey shows 73 percent of companies with International Suppliers have a Supplier Packaging Guideline. 6. The companies who participated in this survey that have 200+ suppliers represent every industry type. a. The average number of companies who have 200+ suppliers is 54.5 percent per industry type. 7. Majority of the guidelines represented by this survey population are rated a three or higher (scale from 1 - 5) for guideline detail level. a. There is no obvious correlation between guideline detail level and industry type. 8. The average number of benefits realized by the companies who use Supplier Packaging Guidelines is 3.72. a. High majority of companies using Supplier Packaging Guidelines recorded more than one benefit. b. There is no recognizable correlation between detail level and number of benefits realized.

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