Jeong Ah Bae


My “Reincarnation Series” traces the meaning of life, rebirth and the cycle of transformation. It is an outcome of my quest to bridge the internal and external worlds of human experience, rich with polarities and full of complementary forces and opposite energies, properties, and attributes. This blending of contrasts in our world creates beauty. My work stems from my belief in Buddhism and portrays the full engagement in the world of a person’s unreserved presence, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies. My work reveals how each individual is in a fluid web, within and without consciousness, receptive to growth. While investigating my own inner landscape, I sought to portray perpetual metamorphosis by drawing, sewing, weaving, coiling, crocheting, soldering, and electroforming. I worked with glass frames, enamel, and inlays; spun metal yarn; and incorporated a variety of materials into my work, including fabric, strings, copper, brass, silver, gold, stone, paper, glass, charcoal, pencil, crayon and Conté crayon. Lines, shapes, layers, colors, and textures emerged to express interconnection, interdependence, fluidity, growth, and rebirth. My perceptions, emotions, memories, experiences, dreams and inspirations were the basis of this work. I attempted to challenge my artistic and technical vocabulary and integrate diverse media to create works full of dynamic energy. The process of creating these works was as significant as the end products themselves. By being open and present, without attempting to over-control outcomes, I was able to create a space in which my ideas could breathe and be translated into works of art.

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Metal sculpture--Themes, motives; Metal sculpture--Technique; Glass sculpture--Themes, motives; Reincarnation in art; Buddhism and art; Glass sculpture--Technique

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Caballero, Juan Carlos

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Bushnell, Eileen

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Urso, Leonard


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