Man has an enduring subconscious connection with anthropological imagery and narrative. This association extends to the methods and practices that place importance on certain objects over others. In every culture throughout history the shared understanding of existence has been determined by images, symbols and archetypes. Intuitive logic and shared unconscious knowledge pervaded the daily lives of pre-modern man. Early people maintained a stronger connection with nature, spirituality and the subconscious. Archaic man acknowledged one stone among many as possessing spiritual properties. That stone could become a sacred receptacle that differentiated it from all others and saturated it with meaning and value. I believe any object can acquire an allegorical content. The similarities between cultures with no apparent contact are striking, the same artifacts, stories and explanations of existence originated in different cultures separated by thousands of miles. My interests lie in the narrative power of the objects themselves. These mythic objects were used as symbols of the stories of creation.

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Sculpture--Themes, motives; Sculpture--Technique; Myth in art; Symbolism in art

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