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Web technologies are among the most rapid developing areas. They continue to evolve from HTML, DHTML, JavaScript to CGI, ASP, JSP, Servlet. However the life of web developers is still not so easy as traditional GUI programmer. The web developers should very clear about communications between browsers and web servers, which puts a great burden on the web developers. In the project, an Event Driven Model is extended to web servers based on Servlet technology. With this Event Driven Model, the web developers are totally transparent to the communication details. The development of web pages becomes similar as GUI programming, describing the content of web pages and binding event handler functions to Html objects. The Event Driven Model is implemented by applying Document Object Model (DOM) and constructing HTML tree Objects on server side to server get and post requests from browsers. There are two approaches in this project. One is pure Java approach, which describes HTML contents and event handler functions in the same Java file. The other one separates the HTML contents in a XML file, while only event handler functions are defined in Java files. The whole project includes a forward servlet, coordinating between the web server and event driven web pages, and a Html Elements class library helping to construct Html tree.

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Bischof, Hans-Peter


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