This project deals with a Distributed Sensor Network (DSN). The main focus of this thesis is to deliver an OPNET simulation model for working DSN model. After building a model, various performance analysis techniques in terms of different parameters were used to verify the working model. Query Dominant Sets (QDS) are the main idea behind this thesis. The QDS node is in charge of the nodes for a specific region and its job is to assign the query tasks that it gets to the nodes in that region to help maximize the life of the network. If no user queries are being sent, the QDS nodes themselves go to sleep to conserve energy and just listen for special incoming control signals. QDS management (including the selection of QDS and the interaction of QDS nodes and other common nodes) is a challenging issue in DSN platforms. Our algorithm for QDS management attempts to limit the dead spots in the network that tend to disrupt the communication of the whole network. It has two phases and the first phase is the election phase. The second stage is the previously elected QDS nodes distribute the tasks to the other nodes. This algorithm turns out to be distributed which is good for sensor networks. There is no use of any global communication or long-range, high energy data communication, but just local communications. This also helps to save power and energy for long life of the sensors. This algorithm is also very scalable and fault tolerant. We have done significant simulations to verify our QDS concepts. There are some metrics that are used to evaluate our schemes such as the average energy values of all the nodes in the network, minimum energy of all the nodes in the network, total energy consumed in the awake, transmit, and receive states, maximum time spent by any node in electing a new QDS, number of elected QDSs, and so on. Our simulations have shown satisfactory energy-efficiency of our algorithms.

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Sensor networks--Evaluation; Self-organizing systems--Evaluation

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