Jonuz Saraci


This Capstone Project will address the analysis and diagnosis of the Steam Turbo-Generator (STG) vibration problems in the “Kosovo B” Thermal Power Plant (TPP) that are degrading the normal operations of the unit B1 339 MW. This Steam Turbo-Generator is a steam turbine directly connected to an electric generator for the generation of electric power and where unplanned shut downs can have catastrophic consequences for the production of electricity. The purpose of my analysis of the high level of vibrations in the STG-B1 machine is to extend the life of the machine and preventing any catastrophic failures. This implies not only detecting if the machine is developing problems, but also to identify the specific nature of those problems or sources of vibration while the machine is running because most of the vibration problems are present during normal operations. While implementing my vibration analysis on the machine I hope to improve the reliability and longevity of the machine. I will conduct vibration analysis on this machine by using off-line and on–line vibration instruments such as VIBROMETER VM 600 ( on-line monitoring vibration system), VIBSCANNER and BRUEL & KJÆR data collector 2526 (off-line instruments) for monitoring and analyzing the machine’s condition and I will make recommendations on upgrades as a result of my findings. I believe that analyzing and diagnosing the vibration issues on the STG-B1 machine will help in developing the steps for planning continuous maintenance and establishing the correct actions necessary to insure the continued, safe and productive operation of this machine.

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