Swarup Datta


Ad hoc File System (AFS) is middleware for peers wishing to share and access data in ad hoc fashion. AFS permits processes to export local files and import files shared by other processes. Communication between hosts is facilitated by the M2MI Framework, a novel paradigm for building collaborative systems. The API provided by AFS allows for data to be exported to the middleware, which become accessible to hosts running AFS. Interested peers can import exported data to their local system, allowing uniform access to local and remote files. Peers can also unexport and unimport data undoing effects of export and import operations. To illustrate functionalities of Ad hoc File System, two user applications have been developed. The first is a character based console application similar to shells, such as the K shell, and the second is a visual application that demonstrates how the file system in AFS changes due to different operations.

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Master's Project

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Computer Science (GCCIS)


Heliotis, James

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Kaminsky, Alan


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